2021 Mask Policy 

2021 Mask Policy- UPDATED July 1st, 2021 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created plenty of challenges and obstacles for everyone both on an individual and community level. Despite all the difficulties that have been presented over the past year or so, we have come together as a camp community to ensure that we can continue to serve our campers and families. We continue to lean on God’s provision and grow in our perseverance. Based on state and local guidelines for Chester County, PA, we have determined that during the camp week masks will be optional

That being said, it is important to recognize that a majority of our campers cannot be vaccinated. This draws attention to the importance of monitoring camper health prior to camp, and being aware of high-risk activities for two weeks leading up to camp. Each camper’s health is crucial for everyone to have safe fun at camp.  

Our staff will be encouraging social distancing, but cannot guarantee that every activity will be fully distanced at all times. We also plan to have our nurse perform daily health checks on campers and staff, as well as frequent cleaning. Our biggest mitigation factor is going to be the frequency of outdoor activities at camp, as well as frequent hand washing throughout the camp day. Based on what we have researched and what our health committee has recommended we have determined that the risk of outbreak is low enough to allow our families to make the decision for their campers. 

The details in this letter are the most important details to know for your camper, but more in-depth mitigation procedures and logistical specifics will follow as they are finalized. Feel free to contact Kelly-“Tanager” with any questions. 

Thank You